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Guaranteed Same Day Formation

O ur Guaranteed Same Day Service is for when you need a company to be formed in super fast time. Companies formed with this service are typically incorporated in less than half an hour. If you need to guarantee that your company is up and running today then read on.

Same Day Criteria

In order to guarantee your company is formed the same-day, you need to ensure that the following criteria are met:

  • The order must be placed on a normal working day in the UK (Mon-Fri)
  • The order must be submitted to us before 2:30pm UK time
  • You must pass our AML identity verification checks
  • The application must be free from errors - the Same Day service guarantees that the application will be processed by Companies House the same day. If the application is rejected the same day due to errors, then this would still count as having been processed the same day.

How it Works

Select one of our 'Same Day' packages above. Once you have completed the online application, your order will be added to the top of our queue for immediate review. We will check through your application and complete our identity verification checks. If we have any queries we will contact you as a priority.

If the application is in order then we will submit it to Companies House using their "Same Day" service. All orders submitted to Companies House using this service are guaranteed to be processed the same working day. As soon as we receive confirmation of the successful formation of your company, we will send you the company details.

AML Identity Verification Checks

Our activities as a Company Formation Agent are regulated by UK anti-money laundering legislation. In order for us to form a company for a client we must complete due diligence checks on the person that we are transacting with. These checks will include identity verification.

If you are UK resident than we will attempt to verify your identity electronically. If the electronic checks fail then we will request scanned copies of certain documents to supplement the electronic check. If these checks remain unsuccessful then we will require original certified documents.

As we cannot submit a company formation application until our AML checks are successful, then if you do not pass these checks by 2:45pm then we cannot guarantee the formation of your company the same day.