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Getting your company registered is a big step so we thought we'd give you a helping hand. These guides cover various topics that will give you sufficient knowledge to start your business venture. If there is something we haven't covered, drop us a line and we'll get a tailored guide up just for you.

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Rather than trawling around other websites to find the right documents, we have them grouped for you right here. Just click, download and print. It really is that simple.

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Never be afraid to ask a question because, chances are, someone else is having the same problem. Our FAQs highlight the most common questions that we're asked. If it requires more than a few sentences to explain, you might find a better answer in our guides or by contacting us directly.

  • What is a Limited Company?
    A limited company – aka a company limited by shares – is an entity with separate legal personality from those that own it. In other words, any assets the company has are entirely separate from the shareholder(s) and any profits (after you've paid corporation tax) is owned by the company.

    A shareholder is only liable for the value of the shares they hold in the company.
  • How do I register a Limited Company?
    You can register a limited company with a formation agent, such as ourselves, or directly with Companies House. The bonus of registering with a formation agent is the host of services you can get with your registration.
  • How long does it take to register?
    A normal online registration via a company formation agent, such as Quick, can take as little as 3 hours. However, this time is dependent on Companies House workloads and the time of your company registration. Any registrations after 3pm will be registered the following day.
  • What is a Registered Office?
    A Registered Office is the official mailing address for your company's statutory correspondence – that's basically any legal communications from bodies such as Companies House and HMRC. It is a legal requirement and is displayed on the public record.
  • What is a Service Address?
    A Service Address is where legal documents can be sent to a company office (e.g. a director). This is a legal requirement and is displayed on the public record.