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Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs

Starting up doesn't have to be hard

Quick Formations is a UK company formation agent that focuses on the vibrant British startup scene. We aim to inspire entrepreneurs to form their own companies and be a knowledge base for startups throughout their venture.

Industry experts

There are about 25 of us – numbers fluctuate due to interns – and the Quick Team has 30 years of experience in the industry (bragging rights reserved). Our team ranges from fresh-faced professionals with first-hand startup experience to the wise company formation gurus who have seen the industry change and develop.

The Quick Team

Marc Labelda

Senior Manager

Marc is one of our two directors. Analysing reports and figuring out solutions, he is always one of the last to leave the office. When the spreadsheets are minimised, you can hear him muttering to himself about one of two things: what he is going to have for lunch or his undying love for
Tottenham Hotspur.

Simon Evans

Office Manager

Simon is one of our top dogs. Often called the Clever Boy, he comes at every challenge with an inquisitive look on his face and a moral obligation to do what is right. To top that, he is also a mean programmer. With two rescued dogs at home, he somehow finds time to sit and play guitar.

John Harkin

Technical Manager

When we have any trouble with our systems, John is on the case. He is our IT guy and seems to be able to fix just about anything technological. This techie also enjoys mountain biking and is a VW enthusiast.

Rachelle Shintag

Company Secretarial

Rachelle and her team are our 'Legal Eagles'. She gives practical guidance on company law and dealing with Companies House after your startup is formed. Calm and collected, Rachelle's online gaming alter ego is a doctor in medieval Scotland (but she's still very much at home in the 21st Century!).

Anthony Beukes

Compliance Officer

Our compliance officer keeps our company formations on the straight and narrow. Anthony is also entrusted with our most sacred job at Quick: the Friday Breakfast Sarnie Run. His next most important duty is updating the team on his PS4 adventures.

Marc Erbil

Lead Developer

Also known as "young Marc", our in-house Web Ninja is busy coding and designing away to give you the best experience. Away from the office he is a keen musician, an avid reader and casual gamer. You can find him at his local library, or some old antique shop. Or just look behind you...

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