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All Inclusive

Y ou might be expanding your business to the UK or simply want to start up here. Either way, you'll need a UK address and a way of getting your mail. That's where we come in.

It includes the following:

  • Registered Office Address
  • Service Office Address
  • Mail Forwarding Service
  • Maintenance of Statutory Books

Below is a breakdown of what each individual component is.

Registered Office Address

It is a legal requirement to have a UK registered office for your company, but if you're from overseas, then you probably don't have one.

Service Office Address

Similarly to the registered office, we can offer a service office address.

Mail Forwarding Service

The next most important thing is to get your mail over to you. We provide a mail forwarding service in which we receive your mail and then post them to you. This is all strictly confidential and we do not open any letters unless there is suspicious activity which does not comply with our due diligence. Due to legal restrictions, we cannot accept parcels or packages.

Maintenance of Statutory Books

We can update your statutory books when there are changes in your company management structure as well as prepare supporting paperwork for any changes in shareholders, members, and/or officers. We cannot prepare your annual accounts, but can file your Annual Confirmation Statement.

The Non-UK topping is an ongoing annual service. The renewal fee is £354 per year. This is broken down into £78 per year for the Registered Office Address, £36 per year for the Service Address, £120 per year for Mail Forwarding and £120 per year for Maintenance of Statutory Books.