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Company Secretarial

M ost changes you could want to make to your company or its structure require some form of paperwork to document or authorise them. Our team of experts can help draft the paperwork for all manner of changes, including many of the more complicated procedures.

Creation of Multiple Share Classes

Most companies have a single class of shares called Ordinary Shares which give shareholders full rights in terms of voting, dividend and capital distribution. In some cases, you might want to make more than one class so that you can give different shareholders different rights (such as various levels of dividends). These are often known as Alphabet Shares.

We can create Preference Shares which grant investors a fixed preferential dividend, or Employee Shares which give equity to key staff for as long as they are employed by the company.

If you choose to use Alphabet Shares, we can differentiate the rights of the shares in the Articles of Association with the relevant clauses covering the rights and restrictions of the different classes. We would also prepare all the statutory forms required to file the change.

Fee: £288 + VAT; the cost may increase depending on the complexity of the requirement

Change of Company Name

If you need to change your company name, we can do it. We change it by Special Resolution, or by other means mentioned in the Articles of Association. We provide an updated Articles of Association with the new company name, a printed Name Change Certificate, 5 bound copies of the Articles of Association once the change has been accepted.

It is important to note that you can change your company name directly with Companies House, but it does not guarantee that the necessary procedures to agree to your company name change have been followed.

Same day service is available on request.

Fee: £60 + VAT

Purchase of Own Shares

If a shareholder is looking to exit the company, they will want to receive cash to the value of their shares. This is where the difficulty arises. Other shareholders may not want to purchase the departing shareholder’s shares and it can be hard to find a third-party buyer when it comes to shares in a private company.

The Purchase of Own Shares procedure lets the company buy its shares back from the leaving shareholder. A price must be agreed on by both parties. You can buy the share back in one of two ways: with distributable reserves or, if your reserves are exhausted, with capital.

Fee: £360 + VAT if purchase is made with distributable reserves; £642 + VAT is the purchase is made with capital (including disbursements).

Company Restoration

If you fail to keep on top of your statutory responsibilities, then your company may be struck off the register by Companies House without you knowing. If the company still owned assets when it was dissolved they become bona vacantia (vacant goods or ownerless property). As they technically have no owner, they are transferred to the Crown.

If the value of the cash asset is below £3,000, you can apply for a discretionary grant from the Treasury Solicitor. However, if the asset is not a cash asset or is valued over £3,000 you will need to restore the company to the register to reclaim it.

In the case that your company was struck off because of compliance problems, then you should be able to use the Administrative Restoration method to restore your company and reclaim your assets. However, if it was struck off at your request on a form DS01 then you will need to obtain a court order to restore the company to the register.

Our Fee: £210 + VAT for an Administrative Restoration. From £480 + VAT for a Court Order Restoration. Please contact our team for a tailored quote for your company's needs.