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Summer isn’t over just yet! September is arriving and there are always some hot surprises as summer draws to a close. With a few scorchers planned this week it’s still important to get your summer work wardrobe right.

Dressing for work is hard and finding variety in your wardrobe can be challenging. Every workplace has different expectations of how they want you to dress therefore it can be a struggle trying to find a balance between what’s professional and what won’t make you overheat.

When in doubt, don’t. If you are nervous that a piece of clothing could be inappropriate for the office, it probably is.

Strike a Balance: Be comfortable! You’ll always perform your best if you feel good in what you’re wearing.

Be polished: No matter what the time of year, it’s always good to look presentable and take pride in your appearance.

Here are our 10 top tips to help you get through the remainder of summer.

1. Keep your feet professional

woman's shoes

People forget that shoes say a lot about you! So if you feel comfortable in heels, don’t be scared to wear them, especially if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress. They lengthen out your body and make your legs look longer!

If you’re not a fan, don’t worry, there are always other options. Sandals with chunky straps are great for this time of year, especially if you’re a commuter.

If you work at a start-up or are working in a shared working environment you’ll most likely spot a variety of shoes including, trainers, Birkenstocks, sandals, heels and formal shoes. So check out what’s on people’s feet around you in order to suss out what “the norm” is.

Think practically!

Make sure whatever option you choose that they are good quality. Summer shoes have a tendency to lose shape in the heat so make sure they’ll hold out until the end of the season.

If you’re opting for the trainer trend we suggest New Balance or classic Stan Smiths.

2. Flip Flops are a no go

Staying on the subject of shoes…we all like flip flops, they’re easy, comfortable and a classic go to in the summer. But they SHOULD NOT be on your feet in the office, even if you work at a start-up! No excuses.

No one wants to hear the flip flop around the workplace.

3. Show off with colour not skin

women's summer work clothes

We’re all guilty of it, London in the summer can be a humid mess! We all want to be wearing as little clothing as possible, especially if the AC is broken in the office! Flaunting too much skin, however good it feels it can be a little inappropriate for the office.

Experiment with colour, grab a bright cardigan and some colourful accessories. Make your presence known and a strong summery colour is a great way to do that!

4. Don’t wear too much colour

Be colourful but not too colourful. There is nothing worse than being head to toe in colour.

If you have a bright dress – great, but tone it down with a plain cardigan and shoes.

No one wants a colour clash disaster!

5. Bare your toned arms

women's summer work clothes

It’s generally acceptable to have your arms on display in the office – Thank goodness. So bare your toned arms! A silk vest or t-shirt always looks chic with a flowing skirt.

Easy, breezy and certainly beautiful.

6. Forget the spaghetti straps

The vests you wear around the house should stay there during office hours. Spaghetti straps or “cami’s” are great to wear under t-shirts or blouses if the top is a little see-through.

So keep them hidden, either under clothing or at home!

7. Lighten up with Accessories

women's summer work clothes

If you want to keep your outfit plain and simple try adding a pop of colour with your accessories.

Unsure on what colour? Orange, Blue, Yellow and Coral have been this season’s must have colours.

8. Wear dresses you can breathe in

You can totally wear a summery dress to work! Go for floaty, sheer fabrics in summery colours and balance out the girly look with some professional shoes, a cardigan and the right accessories.

Accessorising a simple outfit can always pull a look together amazingly.

9. Don’t wear ultra mini’s

The worst kind of summer workwear mistake you can make is wearing ultra-tight, ultra-mini skirts and dresses to work.

For professional, comfortable and stylish summer wear – skip these types of dresses. Save them for your summer parties!

Wear something you will be able to move around in and not feel restricted in.

Bodycon dresses are a no no! Keep things flowing.

10. Be happy

While summer is still here – make sure you have a smile on your face. Nothing makes an outfit pop than a confident person wearing it.

Summer workwear can be tricky-but it’s not impossible to master!

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