As we’ve seen in the last couple of years, craft beers have taken the UK by storm. Microbreweries are starting up all over the place and the movement has integrated itself into many people’s lifestyles. Loving craft beer isn’t about growing a huge beard, becoming borderline hipster and starting your own home brews – although that is all perfectly acceptable too. No, I think it’s about exploring new beers which is exactly what Honest Brew helps you do.

Honest Brew is a London-based startup that was founded in 2014. They are an online retailer of craft beers that provide a personalised service in matching you with the beers of your dreams. By creating an online profile with them, you receive a tailor-made box of brews from one of the 50+ independent breweries they work with.  Their beer selection comes from the UK, Europe, the US and Australasia, so you can bet that you’ll find something interesting in there.

This “Beer Club” all began when Frank and Andrew met in a pub as total strangers. Their love of beer turned into friendship, housemates and then home brewing. Cue Craig. Craig, the beer lover, got them in touch with the right people and thus, Honest Brew was born. With a name and a beer onboard, they had no way of selling it which is where Annabel, the marketing whizz, came in; they successfully started selling. They were still missing their very own label. Tim (the graphic designer) was the final piece of the puzzle. Combining their strengths, they were selling Honest Brew beers, but with their new website in play, they decided to become an online retailer of craft beers as well.

Both a retailer and a brewer, Honest Brew is passionate about helping people to discover craft beer and supporting the independent breweries that are producing them. Honest Brew also has its own range of “Straight Up” craft beers designed to be an introduction to craft beer.”

  • Andrew Reeve, Founder and CEO of Honest Brew

That’s the shortened version of their history (according to ), then the hard part started. They had a team to get things off the ground, but – like any startup – they needed funding. The founders placed £30,000 to start things off and then they tapped into Crowdcube. The original target was £300,000, but their campaign was overfunded reaching more than £400,000 in October 2015. They totalled over 400 investors in which they were given 19% equity. With angel investors and food industry experts financing them, Honest Brew could steam ahead.

The beer experience that Honest Brew created led to them being winners of the Guardian’s Startup of the Year (2014), runner up to Startups Retail Business of the Year Award (2015) and they currently sit in’s top 49 (2016).

With craft beer consumption reaching a 79% increase from 2014 to 2015 – with home consumption surpassing restaurant and bar consumption – it’s no wonder businesses like Honest Brew are finding success.

The beauty of this brand lies in both the personalisation factors as well as the overall craft beer phenomenon. From 3 cans in a Howler to monthly 12 bottle Treasure Chest, Honest Brew has made rare craft beers a pleasurable and accessible experience in the comfort of your home.